Monday, October 10, 2005

Cherokee People

Did I mention that I'm part of the Cherokee tribe? My Uncle was very in tune to his heritage. My father's side of the family was here way before the white man came. Albeit, I am fairly educated about the conquest of the Americas. I know that my distant relatives are rolling in their graves when I say, "such is life".
Get over it people. We have a life to live. I would like to smoke the peace pipe and sit back and let the spirit world guide me.
What it comes down to ... "Don't take yourself too seriously." Do yourself some good and be wise. Your father learned from his mistakes and now you can carry on.
Ok, sorry for rambling.
Everyone is in the same canoe. Paddle or get the fuck out!

Comment: That was for the good friends of mine that said I wasn't an Indian because I didn't believe in a higher power. Peace my good friends.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Willie Lynch

I was moved. Today I watched a good movie. "Animal" It's in the rental stores. I am not a black man. I'm actually very white. However, I feel that there has been a terrible wrong done against a race of people that hasn't gotten the publicity of say the Jewish. Please read the document that was mentioned in the movie at
It's very sad. We should all realize what a terrible plight the blacks have to overcome. Don't forget to watch "Crash" it was great too.
I don't take light of this. Since I was a young boy in an elementary school in Mobile Alabama, I have wondered why black people are different than me. That was in second grade. Then later in California I was bussed to integrate with the 'black' side. There I was taught, not by teachers, that I was a bad person for being white. At the age of 10 I wondered why is this an issue.
Please, let us all just get along.

The State Fair

I wandered around at our State Fair yesterday. Mainly, I looked at the exhibits and commercial booths. It wasn't too surprising to see two or three booths that were spreading the word of god. I got blind sided by one older lady who noticed my black harley t-shirt from the hog rally in Florida.
She said, "Hey is that Florida on your shirt?"
I was glad to stop and let her look at the back of my shirt, "Yea, it's from a biker gathering."
I thought we were wrapping up our short cordial conversation when she shoved a smiley face sticker my way and asked, "Are you absolutely sure that you're going to heaven?"
I said, "No, I'm not too sure about that."
"Well, you don't want to go to hell do ya?"
That's when I decided to walk away. I simply said, "There is no hell."
I'm sure she was still talking to me as I walked away, but I didn't feel like disturbing her little world with my beliefs (or lack thereof). My wife didn't notice my hijacking and had kept wandering into the sea of people.
Anyway, I was wondering if next year they would allow me to set up a booth that tried to convince people that there is no god. I would very much doubt that the fair officials would allow that. I would hand out those little darwin fish stickers. And ask people "Are you absolutely sure that you're going to heaven?"

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The New Nickel

I really like the forward looking Jefferson portrait proposed for the new nickel. The artist said he tried to give him a hint of a smile for an optimistic look. story
However, if they're going to redesign the coin why not give some consideration to changing the bold capitalized phrase to something more positive. "IN GOD WE TRUST" sounds like we have to be afraid of something and need to trust in a miracle to save us.
When will people grow up and stop placing mindless faith in mythology?
Perhaps the phrase "VENI VEDI VICI" would be more appropriate. Jefferson's westward expansion was accomplished with the attitude of "We came, we saw, we conquered."